About Foxy and AlienFox Designs

This is a blog written by Foxy, the creator and owner of AlienFox Designs.

(Above. This is what I look like. I apologise for the dramatic pose, but just as my friend was taking the photo, Tesco announced that they were out of cheesecake.)

I’m tempted to call AlienFox a ‘design house’, but the dishonesty of that assertion would be rivaled only by its vanity. For now, it s just me who creates what you are about to see. That is not to say, however, that I have not relied upon the invaluable camera-trickery and life-saving artistry of my creative cohorts to which the images you are about to see owe their existence. Where possible, I have credited to these magnificent people.

The infamous HEADPIECES are now so numerous and extravagant that I have had to knock through into next door’s living room just to store them. I use fake leather, PVC, feathers, beads, latex and the bones of my ex-boyfriends, or whatever takes my fancy at the time, to create these one-off (or ‘bespoke’ if you’re middle class) monstrosities. Each one is inspired by its own theme or specification. They are lighter than they look, easy to wear (so long as you stay out of the Potion bar in Euston, whose ceiling is 4ft high) and durable.

ACCESSORIES, a new venture of mine, are being made as well. For now, you will see a limited selection here. In keeping with my extradimensional, extraterrestrial extravagance, I use glittering jewels, suspiciously faux pearls and even fauxer leather; chains and buckles in abundance; bones and recycled spaceships too. On Alienfox Designs, you can buy these too – or ask me to design you something.

STYLING, until recently, meant nothing, aside from what I half-assedly do to my hair at 700 BC (Before Coffee), while falling over discarded Tequila bottles and stumbling towards the front door. But styling, for me, now means that I have gained an awareness of the aesthetics which appeals to me. The ‘stamp’, which says that I have had a hand in creating a film, or a photo, or a show. Inevitably, this involves ultraviolet, extra-violent patterns and colours; a lascivious and lucid display of otherwordly angles and textures; a hypnotic, stroboscopic assault on your senses.

For example, I wrote, directed and styled Tesseract, a short film. “While lying, unfulfilled and forgotten, in their own individual haze of intoxication and desire, three young fuck-ups dream of what might have been. But something has followed them: a power, an entity of unknown origin, which makes them form the band Famous Last Thoughts. They are granted megastardom. The only price: the destruction of Humanity. They are now the vessels of the Tesseract. This is no place for pets or children. Leave your personality at the door and marinate your soul in the eye-watering clash of mediocrity, egomania and technological-dependence.”

There are various photographical and video-visual projects which I am working on at the moment. They shall be presented here in due course and in the appropriate format. Many more slices of the introspective world of AlienFox will grace this page soon.

In this mean, mean time, I hope you enjoy what’s here.


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