The Revenge Project.

Oh, blog, I have forsaken you for so long. Frankly, I haven’t had time to talk about what I’ve been doing because I’ve been too busy doing it! But here’s a run-down.

The studio is done, finished, decorated and suitably attired with golden ornaments, creations stacked floor to ceiling, all the materials I will ever need. I feel so at home there. There’s no internet, which is, for now at least, great. There are no distractions; though I get many visitors and I love that. Friends just ding the buzzer and come in for coffee while I get on and make stuff. I haven’t felt this content in a long time.

Here’s a before and after:

Like I said, I have been busy. I haven’t stopped for months. I now consider waking up at 8am a ‘lie in’. I’m still working at the shop, which is all lovely. But the amount of work I have been doing, well, see for yourself:

The Revenge Project is go. Working on a narrative of obsession, possession, jealousy, anger and all those other things, I have so far produced two full photoshoots.

The Revenge Project 1: Seance:

The Revenge Project 2: Possession:

I am very grateful to Darren, Anna, Ty, Zach and Andy who modeled for me.

The Revenge Project 3, I can reveal now, is entitled ‘Exorcism’. It will begin now and the images will be released soon.

The Revenge Project is very important to me. Not only is it my first self-directed, self-initiated and self-realised project, but it is of such psychological significance (try saying that after a margarita) that I feel I should explain what it’s all about. And I will. But in another entry.

Friends, colleagues and fellow artists are always telling me I need to big myself up more. I used to feel a twinge of unease about this, because sometimes I read what people write about themselves and just want to gag them with barbed wire. Self-aggrandisement is a major turn off. That said I must add at this point that for The Revenge Project I designed and made all the costumes, did all the make up and, given that I haven’t really ever seriously picked up a camera before, I don’t think the photography turned out too badly either! Ego-wank over – ugh, I feel tainted.

So let me move on and re-introdue you to the magical Leigh De Vries, with whom I have had the pleasure of working before. Click the link and acquaint yourself – careerwise, this woman will rule the world with a feathered sweep of her tongue. But on a personal level, I have never before been subject to so much unconditional encouragement about my work. So Leigh commissioned a crow-feather headdress from me and she came all the way down from Sheffield in her spaceship for a photoshoot at The White Room Studio in her new AlienFox headgear.

Here’s what we did:

In just two months, I have had 210 ‘likes’ on my Facebook page. That’s good enough for me, so I have decided that a proper website will be up and running at the beginning of next year. In addition to all the interest, it seems all my noise attracted the attention of a very old friend I used to speak to on IRC, Danielle, who wrote this very flattering blog entry about my work. Thank you!

I really wish I could talk more about who’s expressed interest in working with me, but until the deals are signed and done and we’ve all had a big orgy together, I refuse to be so unprofessional. You’ll just have to hold onto your gussets for the time being. There are exciting things on the horizon.

So a few updates before I go: I’ll be selling new AlienFox Designs Revenge Accessories at The Alternative Christmas Fair in Plymouth on December 11th (starts at 1pm). I’ll have things like fascinators, gloves, armwarmers and collars all doen in the Revenge Project style.

I also now have a price list for many of the headdresses and costumery. It can be found here.

I am, of course, forever in debt to my parents who have put up with my running from place to place like a ravenous peacock, hardly seeing them and being exhausted all the time. That goes for my friends too, some of whom I haven’t seen in weeks, because if I stop to look down, I’m scared I might just panic and fall over. I know you all appreciate how busy I am right now, so I just wanted to say a very quick: ‘LET’S ALL MEET UP AND GET COMPLETELY FUCKED’ soon.

Also, to one special person: “Hello, Clarice.”

That’s all for now. Expect another blog entry very soon – I promise not to leave it so long next time.

Foxy x

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  1. Excellent news, and good luck for what should be a very well deserved properous 2012. Steve & Jo

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