The proof of the pumpkin is in the squeezing.

You’ll have to forgive the fact that my first entry will be rather brief. You see, I just painted my nails with that new Barry M crackling stuff (white over black) and my fingers aren’t as dextrous as usual. I absent-mindedly scratch my ass earlier and now one of my nails resembles a sort of roadkill magpie.

Right, where was I? What was I doing? Who am I? (If you ever wake up with me one morning, that’s what you’ll hear – and chances are you will at some point, because I’m very cheap and easy). My name is Foxy and I run AlienFox Designs, which can be found by clicking this link

(Photo from the Creaming Demon shoot. Headdress and styling by me; the model is me too; photography by my good friend Joshua.)

What do I do? I make headdresses, collars and other accoutrements for your body, often crafted from leather, PVC, suede, foam, feathers, all shaped with my signature crystalline, tentacular aesthetics, emblazoned with diamontes and skulls, veiny patterns of fluorescence, echoes of primitivism and reptilian creatures. Aside from ‘making stuff’, I create short films, I host burlesque shows and I walk up to men in the street who I think are pretty and ask them if they’ll let me turn them into feral creatures with my costumery and then make videos or take pictures of them. Often, they foolishly say yes and you will see the photos here.

I can’t remember precisely how it all started, but I know how I want it to end. I’ll be using this blog to talk about current and future projects – though you will appreciate that I like to keep a certain amount of mystique and, in certain cases, I will be bound by contractual and collaborative obligations to shut the fuck up sometimes, no matter how excited I am. So you might find that I end up talking about other stuff too. Stuff like chocolate and men.

This video is a sneaky look at a collaborative project between myself and Rosalind Chad of Visual Provocateur. I came up with the idea of what the hell would happen if the human race had evolved from birds, or reptile or sea creatures; I then created appropriate costumes, grabbed the most beautiful men I knew and with Ros’s fantastic photography, we hit her White Room Studio and have started shooting. I can’t wait to show you our results.

So, welcome to AlienFox Designs. I’ll leave you to have a little look around. I’ll start work on a website when I’m not as busy (so sometime in 2015 then). But for now, I’d better go sort out poor old smeared Barry.

(Victoriana Beak Masks, made by me. Stay tuned to find out what these were used for.)

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